March 08, 2020

Bodegueros: bringing happiness into your home ...

... Tufito, Poe, Bombilla and Arena are waiting to do just that. They have been with us for too long. Not that we want to say good bye to them. We love them all. But it is not good for a dog to be in a cage in a shelter. However much love we give them. However many times they get up to the big field to play. However many cuddles they get during our daily rounds.

Of course a shelter is so much better than the conditions they were rescued from. In many cases it's an alternative to death. Nevertheless a shelter is not a home and however much we love each and every one of them, once we've saved them our objective is to find each one a loving home. So it breaks our hearts (which are broken daily in many different ways) to see these happy, healthy wonderful little Bodegueros staying long periods with us. The same goes for any dog who becomes a 'long stayer'.

So. Here are four more smiley Bodegueros and cross-Bodegueros needing a home and so deserving it. Can you help? Please click on their names for more information.

Active, friendly Tufito

Spontaneous, affectionate Poe

Quiet, patient, loving Bombilla - another of our precious oldies

Loyal, endearing Arena

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