January 13, 2019

Oprah and Iran came in together, but Uran still needs a loving home

From Fabienne's Diary

Oprah and Uran were just left tied to a pole. Their owner was busy, he said. He didn't have time for them, not when he first bought them.  So they were often left to their fate, tied up, just like that. Until today.

Today they came to us. But this unworthy owner said he wanted them back in 20 days, because then he might have time to look after them. However, after a fierce discussion and reprimand on our part, these creatures are finally free of that creep who is not worthy of having a dog.

Both are severely malnourished, both are severely neglected. Uran, the Shepherd, the worst of all. That's why he went straight to our clinic, where he was checked, tested and neutered. And quite incredibly there in the clinic they discovered that the poor dog had a bullet in one of his testicles. How painful that must have been. He had an emergency operation and is getting better, considering the circumstances.

Both dogs are now with us, a little Bodeguerootje and a Shepherd, who do not know what to do they are now so overcome with joy and with friendship, ... Both are still young and have a whole life before them. This time a different and proper life... impossible to find words to explain what we experience here every day, ... But you have to brave, there's no other choice, ... They need us so.

Little Oprah is currently in pre-reservation and if all goes well, she will soon be on her way to a much much better life. Dear good Uran is still looking for a home. Who will give this brave fellow the chance and love he so well deserves.

Little Oprah

Brave good Uran.

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