January 23, 2019

Fabienne's Diary: Five Shepherds - the so-called dangers to La Cala!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Since June a pair of Shepherds had been spotted in La Cala, Mijas and Mijas Costa, ... The killing station was alarmed but both dogs were always too smart and did not let themselves be caught. The months passed and none of them was caught. But Mama got pregnant and then again ... and again!

When I was walking my dogs last week, I suddenly saw 8 Shepherds walking through the streets of our urbanization, ... Shy and careful, wary, scared, hungry and evading contact with humans.

A large-scale action started, the killing station was again alarmed because supposedly these Shepards were acting dangerously and attacking small dogs. Nothing could be further than the truth. The whole family stayed together closely, and did not bother anyone. But their lives were in danger now, there were rumours that the authorities wanted to shoot them.

When the phone rang on Sunday, they asked me if I could help by taking them in. My answer was given quickly and there followed an incredible, warm-hearted cooperation between Marta, who used a fantastic cage and worked very professionally, Rescue Paws, Rescue the Galgos, Alison and Hazel, and of course our own team, ...

Eventually we were able to offer 5 members of the family shelter with us on Sunday evening at 10 pm ... They will not be shot ... Only now the large-scale action starts to sterilize them all, all 4 females are probably pregnant, ... And then the socialization, ... Mama and dad were once housed, but their puppies, now young adults and already pregnant, have to come a long way, slowly but surely ...

They were obviously full of vermin, and some of them are very skinny, ... But the most important thing is that 5 out of 8 are safe, ... The others we will hopefully also be able to save but these three are fortunately less noticeable than when the whole family passes a lady who is walking with her 2 Chihuahuas, ...

Help is always welcome, ... again we have 5 large dogs to care for and rehome. See the video of the rescue below.

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