January 15, 2019

Isidoor - still waiting after more than seven years!

Surely it's time he had a forever home. However happy his foster home, he still isn't anyone's 'only' dog. A special dog to be spoilt and loved, maybe with others in the family. Or maybe on his own.

Isidoor was dumped at our gates in a cardboard box, together with his brothers and sisters. That was in July 2011 - and now it's January 2019. A long time for this dear boy to wait. Who will give their heart to this sweet cross Pointer. He will certainly give you his.

Isidoor has grown to a medium sized dog with a sweet character. He has beautiful markings on his lovely coat. He's nearly eight years old. And he deserves his forever home. Can you help?

For more information about darling Isidoor please click on his name. 

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