March 03, 2017

Preparing for our annual Spring holiday

We have been preparing our Huggo for our annual spring holiday at the sea. For the first time we will be going with four dog children. The agency readily agreed to take one dog more (they have known us for years) which nevertheless is really nice. Had that not been the case then Huggo had for once to go and stay with my sister. He would have been spoiled rotten. And we would have been sad. But then we could not have done otherwise. After all, the apartment was already booked. The advance paid. And next year then we'd have to find another apartment. There's not really a solution. But now we don't have to leave anyone at home. And we can retain our ground floor apartment which is not a luxury with four dogs - we don't want to need a lift!

We have now received the dog stroller my sister has lent me. (They used it for a Jack Russell who had turned 18 and was not as mobile.) Because it seems that Huggo cannot walk longer than a small kilometre. Running after the ball is what he does the best, but walking is exhausting for him after a while. And then we have to pick him up. But then we have to hang back. Too tiring for us. So, I thought, start practicing in time with the buggy so he gets used to it.. Yesterday so ... Step 1 in the process of habituation: drive home. He found the first few seconds in the buggy weird but ... we won't have to do much practice. He is smart and understands it completely. He feels
 like a king in the buggy.

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