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March 04, 2017

Jack and Salvador (ACE Wendel)

Jack and Salvador have now been with us for four months and it is going very well with them. They are very sweet and affectionate to us and our adult children who no longer live at home but visit regularly. We really like them a lot and we do not want to be without them.

They feel so at home with us, know the house rules, habits and daily schedules, but they can occasionally be naughty. Well, a kind of adolescent behavior, awkward but harmless.
Furthermore, their health is good. Jack and Salvador have already been to the vet twice.

The first time was for a checkup type, registration and also Jack had skin problems, allergies were causing bald spots in some places. He was given a sort of salve for it. The second time Salvador had an ear infection. So they gave him drops and some gel stuff and he is good now.

The first period (2 to 3 weeks) they were with us, they were difficult. They were not totally housebroken and had had no home life. We had thought it best to be tough, but now everything is in order. That they feel so at home and are so kind to us makes us very happy that we adopted them and we don't regret it. They just part of our lives!

Thank you for everything.

Swanny and Hans van de Kraats

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