June 26, 2023

Our Blits ... living life at full tilt

 Monday 26th June, 2023

Blits - 3

Blits was dumped by her owner -which is the fate of so many dogs here in Spain. She's been with us for more than two years, waiting for that one owner who will 'see' her. No one can understand why she hasn't found a forever family yet as she's sweet and loyal. Yes she's black ... that enhances rather than takes from her beauty.

At present Blits is with a foster family who say she is fine with a big pack of dogs, good on the lead and enjoys being in the car. Despite being good with other dogs her foster mum reports that she is rather intense - because she does everything at full tilt, so she would benefit from a quiet, stable environment.

Blits is only three so plenty young enough to benefit from further guidance and consistency. With this and a loving home she will repay your love in spades.

For more information about sweet Blits, please click on her name.

Blits - 4

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