June 19, 2023

Fabienne's Diary: Alarm buttons are going off everywhere!

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Everywhere you see alarm buttons going off, all the shelters, and I don't speak only for myself, but all the shelters are full, and everyone is turning - as normal, but still sad - for their own door. No help among themselves nor understanding for each other, you really feel that they consider you as a competitor while we all save lives. Thrown away lives for whom this must be terrible. No human nor animal is born to suffer, mistreated or dumped. 

That is why it is so hard for any rescue person to see the death stations here bulging with discarded lives. And we all want to help, but taking them in also means shouldering every responsibility, and that simply costs a lot of money. People don't like to think about that, because for them the goal is: dump them, and get rid of them as soon as possible, their problem solved.

We are trying to change this by spaying and neutering every day, years on end, inviting schools and making young people aware of the problem here in Spain. We try to make people aware that an animal is a life, a personality, a valued member of the family, which, like a child, needs education and care, and not for a moment but forever, as long as they live. The lectures you give go in with some, others laugh at you and go back to life as before, they just ignore it because they don't care. The vacations, their freedom, but what about the dog or the cat? We hold our hearts because we are already over- and overcrowded. We know there will be mass euthanasia because they already can't follow up on what is being dumped. 

Here is a video of our kittens we rescued from a death station. You can see them in the death station and then with us. We are halfway there, now to find an owner and our mission is complete. Please share and spread the word, they so deserve it! 

This is the link to the video, which you can see on the Dutch blog


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