December 02, 2021

XMAS is coming ... for them too!

 Thursday 2 December 2021

Can one of them celebrate next Christmas with you?

Check out whose "box" is open today, and visit his/her full profile via the link below 

For 24 days, one "box" will open every day, and one of our dogs or cats will introduce himself.

Curious to see who is our Advent dog or cat today? Then take a look at:

Advent Calendar Dogs:  English Version *

Advent calendar Cats: 

We hope to find the perfect match for these sweethearts. But sharing them en masse is also great! The more people see them, the better their chances.

With whom can he/she celebrate this Christmas? 

* Please bear with us. Some of the dogs and cats details are still in Dutch. We are trying to sort this out. In the meantime, if you go to Dogs (or Cats) for Adoption and put in the name in the box, you'll be able to access all the details. Thanks for your patience.

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