December 28, 2021

A Christmas surprise! At the door! Good morning!!!

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Following on from the last post. The cruelty is never ending. The dumping is never ending. Perhaps it's no surprise in a country where the authorities turn a blind eye at best and buy into the cruelty at worst. These little souls were the lucky ones. Whoever dumped them at our door had at least a modicum of humanity in not throwing them in the garbage or into a killing station. They knew, presumably, that leaving them at our door would give these poor little beggars a chance of a happy life. But so frustrating and sad that that train of thought, of humanity, didn't lead to them actually going to the very minimal trouble of castrating or sterilising their dog or dogs. Especially since they could get it done at the Refugio for free. We continue to rescue, we continue to educate, we continue to offer all the help we can to help people to look after their animals. But it's a long weary road ... I hope and hope and hope that the message is getting through to the next generation, if not to their parents. 

I do need to add of course that there are so many kind, good hearted, generous people in this country who have the same care for the welfare of their pets and for animals. Just not enough, not yet.

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