July 02, 2021

Message from GeluLizzie 18468

 Thursday, July 1, 2021

June 23, 2021 it was finally the time I could pick you up. We had been told you weren't good with strangers and so I thought maybe I couldn't even pet or touch you. But no, I could just carry you to the car and petting was fine too.

In the car you first sat and lay down, but at a certain point you became curious and you stood up against the side of the car and looked outside.

When you got home you didn't want to go into the house at first and Zappa (also from ACE) walked towards us cheerfully and happily and we walked around with him for a little while. Very quickly you went for a nice long pee. After the walk you went to explore the house and then you lay down on a pillow.

Now a week later you feel completely at home. You can be alone at home with Zappa for a while. You've already picked out some nice pillows and tonight you lay on my lap,

You already know your new name. All I have to do is call your name and you come to me.

She has quickly adapted to her new environment and happily walks around the house. She is toilet trained except for 1 accident and does not break anything. She can sometimes be jealous of her brother Zappa, but that's okay too.

Thank you Paky, the vet and all the other people from Algeciras who took such good care of Gelu/Lizzie.

                                                                     Lizzie on her way home.

                                                 Lizzie together with Zappa while Mommy is at work.

                Lizzie has taken the biggest pillow and she really won't go in that crate next to it.

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