July 02, 2021

Mabel (18501)

 Wednesday 30 June 2021

Hi hi, here's a message about Mabel

Wednesday 10 Mar, we finally got to know you, slightly tense and full of butterflies in the stomach, we were called in, and there you stood with your tail between your legs, and your eyes radiating panic, what was going to happen? It was such a long trip and then suddenly so overwhelmed by people, but you sniffed my hands and my face and put your head on my shoulders with a deep sigh "it was good". Unfortunately, you still had to come along in the car to reach your "forever home". When we got home we immediately put our pug outside on the grass and we walked towards it together. You were so happy but also a little bit anxious. Everything went well with the meeting and you went in together and that was great fun. Busy for a while but then you fell asleep, you were tired very tired. After 2 days you started to loosen up a bit and you liked everything and everyone very much, you got a lot of visits and presents.

All walks were a challenge, a lot came at you and you heard everything, but step by step you went further and further, all your friends dogs in the neighborhood helped you to walk around confidently, baby steps but what are we proud of you. Now we are a few months further and all the patience has paid off, outside you are the friendliest dog to everyone, okay okay, you are naughty to geese. Indoors you are a real cuddle ass and even the postman delivers a cookie through the letterbox every day.

Everyone is crazy about you. Now you are a real teenager, you play pranks and if you think it is playtime then it is. Your big (little) sister also likes to play with you and you are so sweet at that. You are a beautiful dog still full of learning and growth, but we can tell you that we wouldn't be without you now.

Why Mabel?

I was searching, sometimes you have the idea that you are missing something in your life and suddenly there she was Mabel, I didn't have to think for a second and wrote an email, hoping for a response, and I was so glad that response came, then the home visit followed, and all was well, my daughter and I were already completely in love so this couldn't go wrong.

When everything was final the fun part started, buying everything for our new dog and the anticipation. While waiting, we came into contact with all your sisters (Belgium) and 1 brother (NL) which was nice.

The day you arrived was intense, you don't know what to expect but everything went well, but you were so tired, the meeting at home with your new sister also went well, the first 2 nights I slept downstairs with you and you were happy with that because you never left my side.

Sometimes you find it difficult to cross the threshold after being outside, but we took it easy, together we sometimes sat in the doorway for 15 minutes but you had to take the first step and you knew that it was rewarded with a cookie. You did not find it difficult to walk along the water in peace, the challenges were in walking along the large busy road, which blocked you. But thanks to all the neighbors with dogs, who gave you step by step that push so that you could just walk- with a lot of cookies on the way. You grow fast and learn a lot. Now Mabel's a teenager and sometimes very rude and impetuous, you don't realize you're a strong big dog but I do, you have your tricks and mischief, especially in the garden. They say you're a Spanish Mastin but you look like a German at times with that digging of yours. Fortunately, you do not destroy anything in the house , except your bear, which no longer has a filling . Are you a dog for a family, clear answer YES.

You are so sweet to children, sometimes they scare you because you are so big but you even lie in front of them. Do you have to go through each phase YES, both the dog and you learn from each other and then the trust comes. Would I do it again YES, she only has to look at me and that says more than enough for me.

Well this was Mabel's story, lacking in some detail as it's a long story but it's our experience and I could  actually keep writing about her for a long time.

Here you can see a few photos from that past period.

Greetings Shirley and Kaylee

And a big paw from Mabel and little Bella.


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