March 03, 2019

In memoriam Nova

Today we had to put Nova (ACE # 927) to sleep.

She had suffered from pain in the shoulders for some time; in December the diagnosis was osteoarthritis and we were prescribed painkillers.
But it got much worse in the last week.
Yesterday, the veterinarian, after studying her condition again, thought it could be a cancer instead of osteoarthritis.
Painkillers were tripled but there was no improvement, unfortunately, so there was no choice but to save her further pain.
Nova was the first of our four ACE dogs, it was just as much an adventure for us as for her ... and it has become a real success story.
Almost 10 years of unconditional love. Never a trace of aggression, she got on with everyone and every dog.
Saying goodbye hurts.

Marianne and Eef.

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