August 20, 2017

Dominique: all she needs is a lot of love and a little patience

Dominique is a young dog who was found on the streets and was brought to Amalia, one of our loving Spanish foster moms. Other dogs are no problem to this little brownie but people do need to have some patience with her. She suffered badly, that's clear, you can always tell - but once you've captured her heart she will follow you wherever you go, she will become your best friend! 

In stressful situations she still gets anxious and she dares to snap, out of insecurity, but never towards her master because he is her guardian angel. Dominique needs somebody who wants to put her on the right path, who wants to give her confidence in life. Somebody who understands her and is willing to give her time. 

She is still young, not yet four, so with a little bit of patience and a gentle approach she will melt. Where there is a will, there is a way. Who wants to take care of this little girl? She will be infinitely grateful! There's more information on her page.

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