August 29, 2017

Dog of the Day: beautiful grey Grey!

This good looking guy came from a breeder, where all he knew was the four walls of a small dog kennel. As a resut, Grey is a frightened and very insecure dog around people and situations that are strange to him. Only natural. He doesnt bite, but unexpected sounds and things scare him and he tries to run. 

 Gray needs someone with a lot of patience, who is experienced with dogs. Grey is a fantastic, beautiful young dog with a lot of potential, but he will need time and work. He is evolving well and starting to relax with us.

 Because of his insecurity, we do not want to place him in a family with small children. Where there is a will, there is a way, so we hope to see Grey in a new family, who understand him and will give him the necessary time to explore our beautiful world. Who will take care of our Grey? And help him blossom in a life full of love and trust. 

 Click here to view the recently created video. And for more information about Grey, click here.


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