July 02, 2017

Our beautiful Sus is still looking for his loving family

Sus came to us over a year ago. He was brought to our gate by an aggressive lady who insisted that Fabienne had agreed to take him. She pretended she had found him. Poor Sus just stood there, big, skinny and neglected looking fearful, uncertain what was to happen to him. Fabienne took him inside, poor Sus was so hungry he eat three bowls of food. Now that he's had good food and loving care he's much better and much happier. But the thing that is missing - his golden basket. His very own forever home. I wrote about Sus a few months ago on this blog.

Who would love to enjoy and cherish the beautiful big kindly fellow. As you can see from the photos above and below, Sus is good with children - a lovely gentle bear. For more information about Sus, please click on his name.

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