April 02, 2017

Migdal and Bandida - three weeks at home

Migdal, is a big hugger, housebroken, playful. A real softie, but should the other dogs annoy her she will let them know it. I think she was a guard dog because she finds the street and especially garbage and cleaning vehicles really nice. She pulls quite a bit on the lead, but that's ok. She really wants to play with the other dogs but they need to get used to her and understand that she wants to play.
My husband calls her his dog.  Apparently I have three dogs and he one.

Bandida, it is so !! I was very anxious, unnecessarily, in the beginning, as I expeced she'd be a stress biter  ...
She has been potty trained from day two! Breaks nothing, is super docile on the lead and does not pull. The traffic she normally finds OK.  Single men in the street or people making strange movements are still a little scary but it really is not a problem.

She gets along with our other dogs - Bandida's so sweet.
Waking up with her is similar to the film; On the first 40 or 50 dates with Adam Sandler a girl with amnesia didn't know who he was. Every morning Bandida looks at me anxiously, she comes out of her shell after breakfast and slowly relaxes. At night we lie down to hug and she is totally relaxed asleep in my arms. The next morning the same thing happens!

I'm so happy !!

Greetings to all of our guardians in the Refugio.


Bandida cuddling on the sofa

Bandida, left, and Migdal, right, in his basket.

Migdal, left, and Bandida, right - behind the chair.

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