May 15, 2023

Jacques: a good family dog, needing an active, loving family

 Monday 15th May, 2023

When people think of Border Collies they often think of them as working dogs, in particular as sheepdogs, used for herding sheep. And indeed that is what they were bred to do. However, many people are not aware that they make good family dogs. They are loyal, loving dogs and one of the world's most intelligent breeds. So they are quick learners. With a Collie you also get the best of both worlds - bright and active they also love to cuddle and bond with their owners.

Being so energetic and bright they need an active family, lots of walks and lots of activities to stop them from getting bored. So an experienced owner would be a good fit; not necessarily an owner with specific experience of Collies; that would be helpful but not essential. 

Our Jacques has been waiting for his family for two years. Two years too long. He's seven now, a lovely boy who is currently in foster care in the Netherlands. You can visit him there and you can also contact us to find out how to meet him and how to contact his foster family who will also tell you all about him. As you can see from the video he walks very nicely on a lead and is fine with other dogs.

For more information about our Jacques, please click on his name.


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