December 06, 2022

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Dumped and Discarded ... Steven and Victoria

Tuesday 6th December, 2022 

Sweet Steven, found wandering all alone in someone’s garden but finally safe in the Refugio. Fabienne described him as ‘the apple of our eye’. That’s so true. I loved him when I met him – everyone loved this elegant and charming fellow and he loves them. Such an affectionate boy. Dogs are crazy about him. He’s not too happy about cats, though, but nobody’s perfect. Steven was in the Refugio for a long time. He made everyone happy but he’s just longed to have a family of his own.  And his dream and his wish came true and he found his forever home. 

Beautiful Victoria – a lifesaver and heroine of the hour. When one of the little puppies in or care was suffering from parvo he needed a blood transfusion to save his little life. We needed a healthy dog who could be a donor. Fabienne immediately thought of Victoria. Had Victoria been able to speak, if she’d been asked, she’d have said ‘yes’. Because when lovely Victoria was rescued she was expecting fifteen puppies. Sadly they all died. .  So, had she been asked, she would definitely have wanted to save the life of this little puppy. 


And she did. And at last, at last! Victoria got her golden basket. Like Steven, she so deserved it. 

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