April 17, 2022

Sorry for the lack of posts ... it's all Teddy's fault.

 Sunday April 17th 2022

Teddy - the culprit 😊

I was concerned to see that it's actually nine days since my last post. I'm really sorry about that ... it is Teddy's fault really ... but not really. Last Monday he suddenly couldn't walk, again, and was in great distress. This had happened before Christmas too: X-rays show a degenerative disc disease. He's only got three legs so this puts even more a strain on his poor little back.

I rushed him to see Aga, my lovely Polish vet where he stayed all day, with the prospect of the veterinary hospital and MRI scans and goodness knows what hanging over him - and me. Luckily, that evening, after morphine injections and a day of rest, he was allowed to come home. 

On Wednesday Aga said with rest and permanent medication he should be OK, but still the prospect of having wheels so he can run around is a definite option, hopefully still some time in the future. She was happy for me to go to London, where I had a whole lot of meetings that would cause problems if I had to cancel. I would have done, of course, if it affected Teddy's welfare. But he was staying with a lovely family overnight; I had lots of reassuring texts and photos. Indeed they love him so much they threatened to keep him!

He's home now, not allowed to climb up or down stairs or jump for the moment, though he doesn't understand that very well. He is gradually improving - though no walks for the time being. 

I really am sorry about the lack of posts and will try to catch up this week.

No walks for the time being. Sigh!

I guess I'd better stay in bed then!

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