July 03, 2021

Winnie (ACE Wina).

 Friday 2 July 2021

Winnie (ACE Wina) is doing well. She has been with us for a week now and she is a great buddy with our Dita (ACE Aditi) and the dachshunds. Contrary to what you might suspect given her many, many scars - which are already starting to get covered with her by the way - Winnie is not afraid at all, not of people, nor of dogs. She is just a wonderful sweet dog, who is completely at home here. The vet has given her the all clear, except for being a bit underweight and possibly some osteoarthritis in the hindquarters. But that remains to be seen, maybe that will pass with good nutrition and some exercise.

On behalf of Winnie we thank all the lovely ACE people again who made this adoption possible .


Marianne and Eef

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