July 14, 2021

Update on Sjakie (Ace-Gordito)

 Monday 12 July 2021


Here's an update for the blog. We have had Sjakie since the end of January, so he has been here for almost half a year now. It's going great, Sjaakie is a sweet dog, he was immediately toilet trained, can also stay alone for a while without any problems and is social with people and dogs. And also naughty from time to time, really a lottery ticket! We are very happy with him.

In January he still had a quiff (see photo sjakie.jpg). Unfortunately the quiff has fallen out, the other 2 photos are recent and show him as it looks now, He has regained his strength and has become a beautiful dog.

We would like to thank Shin/Ace, the free buyers and virtual adopters for the good care!


Patricia and Joop

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