July 04, 2021

In Memoriam Chico (Ace Flying Mouse)

 Thursday, July 1, 2021

I would like to sadly inform you that my little Chico (Ace flying mouse, you called him that because of his big ears) passed away on June 8th. On December 8th, 2006 we were allowed to pick him up in Zaventem. He was so small, but as it turned out, a very brave, smart dog. All the way home he sat on my lap with his paw on my hand, as if to say “I'm home”. 

Soon Chico got a Belgian girlfriend, they were a golden couple together! There was a lot of playing and walking here, he liked to walk and preferably as far as possible. And even though he was small, he liked to be the boss in the house and that was allowed, all the more because he was so funny, a little clown. In 2017 his girlfriend died very quickly, after which he mourned so long that a new girlfriend came and Chico revived. He loved being around people and other dogs. 

We have shared love but also sorrow, Chico would try to cheer me up every time and then hang out "the crazy". In April last year he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, a scary disease. It went with ups and downs, but Chico loved to live and usually remained the happy little boy, and he continued to walk, now with a buggy. He was there for me all those years, now I was there for him. And even though his care was intensive, I wanted to do it for another 100 years. On June 8, things went wrong and the lovely vet had to come over, who advised to let him go because he was in too much pain. With a lot of love and sorrow I let him go, because he was not allowed to suffer any further. 

Chico had been with me for exactly 14.5 years on June 8, long but far too soon. He would have been about 16.5 years old. He was cremated and is now back with his girlfriend Mieke. Dear Fabienne, thank you for letting me adopt him. He was my greatest little friend, we couldn't be without each other, but now we have to.

Love, Gerda

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