July 16, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Sayra was saved in the nick of time,...

 Thursday 15 July 2021

On an ordinary Sunday morning, walking with her own dogs, a volunteer came across this poor fellow at the goat farmer's place. She was sitting among the goat droppings, staring silently and motionless. With a large open wound where the flies and the wasps were feasting on it. When they asked the goat farmer what had happened, he said very simply that she had been attacked by a wild boar, and it was now hit or miss. She were able to take her away because she was worthless now after all.

Sayra had to go to the emergency clinic immediately and received the first care there. The wound was taken care of, but after a week it still didn't get better, so we went back to the urgent clinic.  When they operated on the wound again, they found out that there were maggots on the inside, it was once again a close call. She is barely a year old.

For more information about Sayra, please click on her name.

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