July 03, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Marlon, born to hang on a chain!

 Friday 2 July 2021

Little Marlon was born somewhere in the interior of Spain.  One of ten little balls, of a mama Mastin living somewhere on a chain. Pregnant again and again, and again and again little ones to hand out. The ones that remain are often killed or taken to a killing station somewhere.

Mastins are real disposable dogs here and that for such noble, wonderful big bears.  Once raised you couldn't wish for a better friend for life. Our Marlon was a leftover and was delivered to us after he was taken to the killing station, he was the only one left.

He is a noble young gentleman, who is so social and sweet with everyone. He is a big cuddly bear and loves life. He is now staying with us at Isabelleke's, is calm in the house, plays with big and small companions, and steals everyone's heart. A big bear with a small heart, but one that needs quite a bit of space, because he is getting very big and stately! A large garden and an owner who can educate and guide large dogs is a must !!!

For more information about our Marlon, please click on his name. 

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