July 08, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Electricity cut off in the Refugio, in these high temperatures ...

 Wednesday 7 July 2021

We were all busy this morning and suddenly there was no more electricity. At first you think "the umpteenth breakdown", but no. The electricity company has simply cut off our Refugio because apparently we have not paid the last bill. Without notice, nothing. We didn't even know because we didn't receive an invoice!

Without warning 400 dogs and cats, sick dogs and old dogs, without electricity. The water pressure is gone, so you can't clean either. The clinic can't operate any further, and, and, and,.. And this with the extremely high temperatures of up to 50 degrees that are predicted. Can you believe it ...!!!

You don't lose your courage, but just dig a little deeper,... The unbelievable thing is that the law says you can't just cut people off. All squatters can take free electricity, and people with problems can't cut off either .. but we as Protectora de Animales don't even get a warning and are now without electricity.

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