June 27, 2021

In memoriam Boke (Ace Killo)

 Saturday 26 June 2021

His sad adopter says goodbye:

"My dear little man, I am so sorry, so terrible, suddenly I had to say goodbye to you. I was not prepared. But in those few months you have given me so much friendship and love, as only an animal can give you. Unconditionally. You have led a life that you did not deserve, but in the end you have known security and love. That is my only consolation. You were a great human friend, despite what had happened to you, you loved that attention so much. first night you were so upset, so difficult and I couldn't sleep Then I put my hand on you and you suddenly calmed down and fell asleep And I thought what a special animal I've got in here! you were special. I will miss you so much. My sweet beautiful cat. My little friend."

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