February 10, 2019

We are looking for volunteers for the Belgian aftercare team !!


Are you fond of dogs and do you understand their behavior (or are you willing to learn it)? Are you free for a few hours a week and can you travel within your region?

If so, you are the person we're looking for! You would be a contact person for the adopters in your region, incase they have questions or problems. If necessary, you could pay a visit on the spot. Together with the rest of the aftercare team you'd be looking for possible solutions.

As a volunteer at SHIN you can effectively save dogs and cats lives, which gives a lot of satisfaction. You will also be part of a super fun team of animal lovers. You'll never get bored volunteering with us (volunteer events, promotions, ...)!

Interested? Please contact Anja Beersaerts: anja.beersaerts@gmail.com - 0495 375 886

1 comment:

  1. So sad for little Opie but glad that during his last days he was surrounded by warmth and love. VERY ANGRY, though, that such a faithful friend was so roughly abandoned by heartless monsters. I hope THEY are abandoned by their family when they are old!