September 08, 2018

My beautiful Hammy has finally gone home!

Playful, intelligent, affectionate Hammy.

Over a year ago, when I was at the Refugio, I was drawn to the cage by the entrance. In it was was just one dog who was newly arrived. He stuck his big paws out through the bars and into my heart. He didn't have a name yet. Dirk took him out of the cage to take photos of the website and we gave him a squeaky toy shaped like a hamburger. He had a wonderful time playing with it. I was allowed the privilege of giving him his name - Hammy. A year later, this April, I met him again. I was so happy to see him though sad that he was still there. Such an intelligent, playful and affectionate dog needed and deserved a lovely, loving home.

And now. Now he's found his golden basket. He flew home this week. So happy for you sweet Hammy and thank you to his adopters. Have a long and happy life together.

Hammy playing with Paco before he leaves for is flight.

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