May 05, 2018

The Story of Anton

Sad and incomprehensible as it may be, Anton's story is not unique. I have posted some videos and pictures already but here is the story from apparently hopeless beginning to very happy ending. I'm telling it again from start to finish as an illustration of what we do and why we do it.
There have been many Antons. Despite all our efforts, some did not have happy endings. But many more did.

So here is Anton's story. From being beaten over the head and thrown into a rubbish bin,
to being rescued in the nick of time because someone heart his moans. From being taken to us to the fight for his life in the clinic and then being nursed so lovingly in Algeciras. And finally in loving foster care before finally and happily finding his forever home.

With his foster brothers

Anton the Star

In his loving forever home.

Darling little Anton is going to be so spoilt in his new forever home. 

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