March 10, 2018

Spotlight on ... darling Hammy!

Hammy: please, is it my turn now?

This is Hammy. The sweetest dog. Not quite a year ago I was at the Refugio when Hammy first arrived. At first he was in the big cage nearest the gate, where newcomers often stay before they are assessed. I remember him so well as he put his big paws through the bars, seeking human contact. Of course he is not the only dog to do that, but I was there and it was into my hands that he put his dear paws. 

A bit later he was allowed to run around in the office area so that Dirk could take his photos for the website. Hammy was so full of beans. We gave him a squeaky toy, a plastic hamburger, to play with. He had such a great time. That's how he got his name - I suggested MacDonald or Mac or Hammy.  That's how he got his name.

Now this particularly affectionate and intelligent boy has been with us for nearly a year. He deserves a lovely home with loving people who will appreciate his joyful character and playful, active nature. This big chap will be great with children and active owners. Please give him a chance. You will have a loving and fun dog who will love you back with all his big heart.

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Hammy with his hamburger toy!

A loving and playful companion.

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