February 26, 2018

Valentina - saved on Valentine's Day!

From Fabienne's Diary.

Already a mother!

Valentina is a mamma, one of the many in the interior of Spain, ... She was found with a heavy chain embedded in her neck, and which she most probably worn as a pup and which then grew into her flesh through the years, ... She hung on a chain and naturally became pregnant with every heat, that's right, ... Alone and without any sympathy or care she brought her puppies into the world in a solitary corner of a meadow, where she was tied to her chain by her boss, alone and forgotten, ... When we were informed of this, we were able to take her straight away, ... Of course she did not have a chip, or anything... We took her puppies with us too, the noble mama let us take them in our hands, she knew that it was all good, ... She is a really friendly and grateful dog, a caring mother who, when she got a fresh basket and a bowl of fresh water, she was in heaven .... Her simplicity adorns her, and her beautiful character shows us how noble she is.

In heaven with her puppies in a warm basket.

Safe and at peace.

Such a good mother.

A gentle, grateful dog.

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